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Need a Masseuse?

I had the pleasure of meeting and doing a trade with Marcella this past month. She is intuitive, patient, kind, and really is a kind and nurturing human being. She is also convieniently located 2 blocks from Mod Physique at the PACE Physical Therapy Offices on MLK and Alberta.

To schedule a session with her you can email at Or

Body of Knowledge Massage Therapy, Marcella Tancreti LMT/ TR

"I was first inspired by massage therapy by a male practitioner in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska when I was just 19. He was very professional, healthy and incredibly handsome despite third degree burns over his entire body that he recieved in an accident in his youth. After a 15 minute massage from him at a gym event I booked a full hour session a week later. I was so impressed by the experience it shifted my ideas of what I could do in service to myself and others. I continued diving into wholistic healing developing a passion for yoga, a vegetarian diet and herbal medicine.

After graduating from college as a Recreation Therapist with a Fine Art Minor I arranged for my practicum at the Sacred Heart Brain and Spinal Chord Rebabilitation Center in Eugene, Oregon. Being a part of a team of doctors and therapists I was once again inspired by their use of manual therapy (massage) by primarily the Occupational and the Physcial Therapists but also the caring touch of the nurses and Neuro-Psychologists. After a year of working at the ORC I enrolled in a local Massage Therapy School and graduated in 1998.

In 2003 a Rolfer (Ida Rolf, School of Structural Intergration in Boulder Colorado) captured my attention in Portland, as an instructor for continueing my education. Traveling for several years to learn Advanced Myofacial Techniqes with Til Lucau, I decided to move to Portland in 2006 to continue my studies and work with Physical Therapists.

My practice is of a diverse population; athletes and artists, elder and young, healthy or struggling. I thrive on serving the individual and their unique experience of being in their body. Using a variety of techniques including Myofascial Release, Active-Release Stretching, Cranial-Sacral and Visceral Manipulation. I address an individuals's concerns with where they’re at in the moment and with goals of progress in an edeavor for a healthier sense of self. "

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