Why Mod Physique?


Looking for that boutique fitness experience to help push your boundaries, find that longer leaner you, increase metabolism, all while getting that personalized experience focusing on your form? You found the right place.


We strive to have an unintimidating non-judgmental place where people can focus on discovering the mind/body connection of their bodies and take that practice into their daily life. You will have a new found confidence to move intentionally through everyday.  We prepare you for enjoying the sports and recreations you love, and having the endurance and strength to chase your kids around. :) 


What stage are you in?

Getting ready for a wedding or vacation? Try our 30 minute Tabata cardio classes for quick body transformation. Private Training is offered with meal plan. 


Expecting? Our Prenatal classes will help you prepare for delivery, get you strong for carrying baby and have the ability to bounce back faster. 


Just had a baby? Postnatal privates & classes help with Diastasi, C-section, Prolapse and getting your body back to the way it was. 


Have kids? Our Group classes help increase your metabolism, help with your endurance and get you overall fit to tackle anything that comes your way.




I've been an athlete and dancer all my life. When I was young I trained to become a professional ballet dancer from the age of 5. Performing roles with Oregon Ballet Theater, Jefferson Dancers and graduated with a BFA in Ballet from the U of U and student company member of Utah Ballet. I went on to perform professionally at the 2002 Olympics and with various choreographers in the Bay Area. After I moved to SF with several injuries, I switched to the path of fitness. 


I had a labrum tear for 16 years with no one discovering what it was until many years later.


This led me to the path of figuring out how to help my on and off hip pain. This pain would rotate from my back, glutes, SI joint, and pelvic floor. A recent flare-up from a PT left me on my back with nerve pain not able to walk. Through my training as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I was able to self heal and take my pain from an 8 to a zero. The process was long and humbling teaching me patience and self-love. I know how frustrating it is to not be able to do normal activities. Thus my passion to help others get out of chronic pain and back into daily life and the sport they love.


Certifications include: Mamalates (pre and postnatal pilates); Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, FMS (Functional Movement Systems); Tabata Bootcamp; and Booty Barre, RYT 200 Hour Yoga Certified.

Jessa is a part of an ongoing support group with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists, Neuro Specialists, and Orthopedic Therapists.

In addition to running Mod Physique for the last 6 years, she teaches at Providence St. Vincent in their Basecamp Community Health Program.


“I love seeing small gains, inside and out, when people take the journey towards health. I love making people smile and laugh when it gets tough. Teaching has made it relevant that it really is possible to make change happen at any point in your life. You just have to want it. I’m really excited to share that journey with you.”


Testimonial: " I've taken Jessa Freeman's class at Mod Physique numerous times, and she is one of the best movement instructors I've ever had the chance to learn from. Jessa's classes work on strength and stability for the joints in a way that yoga alone does not address. She teaches therapeutic movements that help to relieve mechanical wear on the body from our jobs." - Liya Leng



About the Owner - Jessa Freeman


I have had chronic pain for over seven years and with a new baby things only got worse. Jessa’s mixture of aerobic activity with her knowledge of he human body was a perfect mixture. She took time to figure out my issues and created a strengthening program that worked for me. She was more thorough and knowledgeable than most of the physical therapists I saw — and she started to get me in great physical shape!

Ami Molinelli

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