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Step 1: First Trimester


Keep in shape with current workout regime or our classes, be sure to mention you are pregnant to the instructor before class so they can give modifications if needed.



Step 2: Second & Third Trimester


Mod Mama focuses on exercises you need to prepare for delivery as well as strengthening postural muscles for holding baby, safe core and pelvic floor work, proper breathing and more. This class is appropriate for pregnancy and postpartum.

***Diastasis and C-section Private session strongly encouraged before attending. Each recovery process is different. Why not take the right steps first?




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I highly recommend Mod Mama for pre and postnatal fitness classes. I regret that I hadn't discovered it earlier in my pregnancy because it is a very challenging and energetic workout that isn't watered down like most prenatal workout videos I had tried. Jessa and Kerry are both amazing instructors and I would recommend the class to any expecting (or postpartum) mother. They pay very close attention and tailor each workout to suit the clients needs. The class size is small which allows them to give an individual attention when needed.

Joanna Lipske

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