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prenatal ladies fitness


 First Trimester


Keep in shape with your current workout regime or seek a prenatal trainer to help gain more insight into preparing for daily tasks that require your strength with a soon to be newborn. This time is great in gaining some strength if you aren't having severe nausea. 


A prenatal trainer will help you with posture and breathing strategies to help mitigate pressure on your pelvic floor and core during your workouts which will become harder to feel in later trimesters. Good breathing strategies are essential.


Don't delay in seeking a prenatal trainer if you aren't sure how to feel your pelvic floor contracting or know what deep diaphragmatic breathing feels like.



Second Trimester


This is where it can be uncomfortable to lay on your back or bend forward because the size of baby is in the way. There is a lot of mixed information regarding laying on your back. As long as you feel ok, aren't experiencing dizziness or nausea you can lay on your back for a short while. The worry here is the baby can press on your vena cava vein that runs to your heart. You will feel discomfort if this is happening so it's easy to roll to your side immediately without too much risk. 

You can still have some strength gains in this time period and keep up your workouts. Each person is different. Some may feel great and not have too many complaints while others might not have the energy or have body pains such as round ligament pain, low back pain, upper neck pain etc. from changes in posture.

Third Trimester

This is the time when most slow down. The growing baby takes up a lot of energy and your oxygen. Preparing for birth with gentle stretches and honoring your body and your energy will be important. This stage is about mitigating loss of strength if possible and using methods to cope with stress. This can include meditation, gaining knowledge of the birth process and finding postures that may work for delivery.





Let us help you during your prenatal fitness journey




I highly recommend Mod Mama for pre and postnatal fitness classes. I regret that I hadn't discovered it earlier in my pregnancy because it is a very challenging and energetic workout that isn't watered down like most prenatal workout videos I had tried. Jessa and Kerry are both amazing instructors and I would recommend the class to any expecting (or postpartum) mother. They pay very close attention and tailor each workout to suit the clients needs. The class size is small which allows them to give an individual attention when needed.

Joanna Lipske

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"Kerr  came rocketing (literally) in to the world Tuesday night at a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces. I had to be induced but when he was ready to come he came fast. I only pushed for three contractions. Jessa, I was doing elevators get through contractions. It was really helpful."

Emily Passmore

Prenatal Client

"Great news.  Jonathan was born on 12/22! We are all doing great.  I ended up having a successful VBAC, which has made the recovery process much easier.  Mod Mama had a lot to do with that!  Looking forward to coming back when I get cleared from the doc.  I am going to work on elevator breathing and some of the back stretches that I learned from you in the meantime."

Karen Schaefer

Prenatal Client

"The twin babies are still in the NICU but they are doing great and should be home in the next few days. I am feeling really good too — my recovery has honestly been pretty easy so far, which is in part to your help staying in shape during pregnancy! "

Hadley Van Vactor

Prenatal Client

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