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Equipment Recommendations

Private Training & Online Videos

Private/Personal sessions allow the instructor to develop a customized system of exercises to address your goals. 

  • Find your strength

  • Gain confidence in yourself & what you're capable of
  • Freedom to modify what your body needs
  • Multiple levels of difficulty to keep progressing
  • Focus on a specific issue 

  • Rehabilitate from injury

Before customizing workout plans that fit your schedule I will do a thorough strength and mobility and form assessment to better gauge where to start you out. This is time for me to understand your body and how you move.


Most training sessions will be 45 minutes to an hour long. You can then take your routine to the gym or your home to practice keeping things more affordable or we can also meet face to face multiple times a week if you need someone to watch you and motivate you. 



prenatal classes, baby bump
MOD - Mama
Prenatal Privates 

These session strengthen you for holding your baby, safely prepares you to perform core work for the push and quicker recovery, stabilize your hips by working the right muscles, and gently be guided into soft stretches where it feels good.  

private training with mom and baby
MOD - Mama
Postpartum privates 

These session strengthen you for holding your baby, safely perform core work for diastasis healing, safe ergonomics, c-section recovery, incontinence, prolapse, low back pain and bouncing back to your normal self before baby are all addressed.




Learn More by going to our Pre/Post Pilates Tab



strength training for women, women fitness, postpartum functional training
Private Tabata Session

 30 minute sessions based on the science of high intensity training. Personalized Transformation  HIT Training increases metabolism, stamina, strength, energy.




  • personalized workouts that target either the upper body, core, lower body, or full body.

  • Saved workouts you can keep

Vinyasa and Yin 
*Available for corporate group classes or private sessions.

Yoga helps recenter us. It helps calm the noise in our heads and get us back on track to what is truly important. Find your flexibility, power and meditation depending on the class. 

pilates portland, pilates online
MOD - Pilates

* Available for corporate group classes  private sessions or for seniors in our only online group class.

Pilates Mat class utilizing small props such as Thera-Bands, mini-ball, pilates circle and foam rollers.


Pilates Mat work is great to strengthen the core, back, and pelvis, improving flexibility and balance, refining your movement yet gentle enough for people with injuries. A true Mind-Body experience in quality of movement. 

Appropriate for ALL levels.​



  • In Person in Camas, WA 

  • Wednesday & Saturday Mornings in Portland: Pilates  

  • ONLINE: ALL appointment types 

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