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0 Second Trimester Life-Savers — Kinetic Fix


December 09, 2015

“...If there’s one thing that’s proved invaluable — not just for learning about all things pregnancy, but also for creating an unofficial support group of women who are going through the same thing — it’s weekly prenatal classes. Anabel introduced me to MYMA Mama (which has slowly grown in size as more of our friends get knocked up!), but I’ve also taken a local Mod-Mama class that was terrific. These types of classes are designed to rejuvenate the body during pregnancy while preparing for birth with an “open mind,” which has become a mission as I approach the third and final trimester!...”


Prenatal Workout in Portland — Thoroughly Thriving

November 19, 2015
“Mod Physique, a fusion studio I’ve talked about before in Portland, Oregon, excels at fun and intimate classes where you get great coaching and a true workout. They recently started a Mod-Mama prenatal workout series and the founder/owner, Jessa Freeman, invited a friend and I to come try it out. I roped in my fellow preggo, Jen from, and we agreed to share what we thought about the class on our blogs in exchange for a free drop in. YAY!..."


Portland Fit Fix: Strengthening ‘Mommy’ Muscles at Mod Physique — Kinetic Fix


November 18, 2015

“...Tiffany’s about 19 weeks along, and I’m 24 weeks, so we’ve both hit what I’ve been calling the “sweet spot” of the second trimester where workouts are fun again — and not just an energy suck like those first few months where our bodies were working overtime to turn a tiny ball of cells into something! We both also enjoy a good workout; so when Jessa Freeman, founder and owner of Mod Physique, invited us to her studio last weekend to take a Mod-Mama class, we hoped it’d hit the mark when it came to expectations...”


Neighborhood Fusion Fitness Studio — Eliot Neighborhood


August 12, 2014

“...Mod Physique opened in Eliot September 2013. You may have spotted them on the corner of Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard and Graham Street with the A frame sign of a girl in a ballet pose. Mod Physique is a fusion class of high intensity cardio, weights, ballet barre, and Pilates exercises. Their classes work every major muscle group in your body creating long lean muscle vs. bulk. Each week the class changes to keep the body challenged and prevent people from getting complacent. The class also works your heart, coordination, balance, and endurance...”

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