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Pregnancy Wellness: 7 Key Benefits of Mod Physique Sessions

Updated: Feb 20

Summary: Pregnancy is a time of incredible transformation, meaning big changes to your regular fitness routine. Learn more about how Mod Physique sessions are specially designed to support expectant mothers through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

Hello to all you amazing Mod Mamas! Pregnancy can bring on some incredible transformations – physically, mentally and emotionally. In just nine short months (okay, they may not feel short) your body undergoes some pretty significant changes. Understanding how to best support your body during this time is the key to a smooth and healthy pregnancy, labor, and recovery.

From a shifting center of gravity, to looser ligaments and the realignment of your hips and pelvis, the changes brought on by pregnancy mean adjusting to a new way of moving. Maintaining strength and flexibility not only helps in adapting to these changes, but also prepares you for labor and the postpartum period. Targeted exercises can also help you in dealing with common pregnancy-related issues like back pain and fatigue, as well as benefiting your (and baby’s) overall well-being.

Mod Physique 1:1 sessions during pregnancy can help you to: 

1) Learn Postural Techniques for Strength and Energy

Maintaining correct posture during pregnancy can be a challenge, but it’s possible with a bit of practice and guidance. Good posture can alleviate common issues like back and joint pain, and improve your circulation. Your sessions will incorporate postural techniques that can enhance energy, strengthen your core, and provide relief from many of those nagging pregnancy discomforts.

2) Manage Inflammation and Swelling

Safely managing inflammation is crucial for comfort throughout your pregnancy. It's common to experience swelling and discomfort due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow. Incorporating gentle exercises and techniques, such as low-impact cardio and stretching, can effectively reduce these symptoms. During your sessions, we can delve into specific exercises that can help with managing inflammation safely.

3) Promote Pelvic Health

Strengthening the pelvic floor can make a world of difference through pregnancy, delivery and the post-partum period. Beyond Kegels, there are various exercises that can strengthen this area. A strong pelvic floor aids in a smoother delivery and reduces the likelihood of complications. Stengthening your pelvic floor now can also help to preventing incontinence, both before and after birth. We’ll cover a range of exercises that are beneficial for pelvic health, including pelvic tilts and squats.

4) Master New Breathing Techniques 

Mastering your breath will help you to feel calmer and keep the oxygen flowing during labor and delivery. Effective breathing can greatly aid in pain management during labor and expedite recovery postpartum. You’ll also learn how breathing is connected to your pelvic floor and core, and how this relates to pain reduction.

5) Keep Active

Integrating and maintaining fitness routines into your daily life during pregnancy has immediate benefits and prepares your body for labor. Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce pregnancy discomforts, and potentially lead to a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels. Your Mod sessions will help you to incorporate fitness into your daily routine in a safe and enjoyable way.

6) Address Common Pregnancy Concerns

Tackling prenatal concerns like diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, and back pain enhances comfort during pregnancy and prepares your body for a less complicated labor and smoother transition to postpartum life. Understanding these conditions and how to prevent and/or manage them through exercise and proper care can significantly improve your pregnancy and birth experience.

7) Support Your Emotional Well-being 

Pregnancy is not just a physical journey, but a highly emotional one too (especially with changing hormones thrown into the mix). Sessions are designed to not only improve flexibility and strength, but also to aid in emotional regulation and stress control through purposeful movement and meditation. We’ll cover relaxation techniques, and incorporate somatic exercises to help you recalibrate your nervous system to release tension and pent up emotions in a safe environment. Feel free to laugh, cry or both during your sessions – it’s all good!

Your pregnancy is a special time full of many extraordinary changes. Embracing a holistic approach to prenatal wellness is key to ensuring a comfortable pregnancy, smooth labor and a healthy return to your pre-pregnancy comfort and fitness. The beauty of one-on-one sessions is that your fitness program can be designed around your unique concerns, goals and needs. You’ve done so much to prepare and care for your baby to be… don’t forget that you’re worthy of giving yourself same level of care and nurturing!

For more detailed information about fitness during each of the three trimesters, check out our prenatal page here.

Ready to start? Book your prenatal session now.  

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