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Step 1: Prenatal Privates

*an OBGYN Approved Program































Private appointments are strongly encouraged as a starting point as each birth is completely unique to each individual and recovery is very personal. This is ideal for those that have Diastasis, C-section, Pelvic Floor Discomfort or general core/pelvic floor weakness.  Jessa is trained as a postpartum core exercise specialist and mamalates certified. Find out how to recover faster and feel supported while being a busy mom. Babies are welcome.


**Did you know you can get a Doctor referral to us and check your insurance to cover the cost of healing a Diastasis or C-section? Get the Diagnosis code and treatment code from your Doctor and/OR submit it to your insurance along with the receipt of your visit. Coverage may vary depending on your insurance. Have a Health Savings Account? You can add your sessions under your HSA.


ask for the following

Medical Diagnosis code

Treatment code for aftercare for c-section or diastasis

We are an out-of-network provider.


Learn how we can help with pelvic floor and Postpartum core issues here.



Step 2: PostPartum Privates


 Both pre and postnatal ladies who are ready for integrating core essentials in private training and approved by their doctors to workout.

**If you have Diastasis, or recently recovering from a c-section we will ask you to see us first for private sessions. 


Step 3: Return to Schedule


Return back to our normal schedule of small group classes.



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I started working with Jessa when I was 6 weeks postpartum for help with diastasis recti. After five personal appointments (one every other week, and for which I was able to bring my newborn along) we had corrected it -- Faster than I thought possible! It took commitment to do the exercises at home every day but it was easy and effective because Jessa's coaching was specific and direct and personalized. I got a lot of value out of having her to check in with regularly to adjust my form and gradually keep challenging me.​

Lindsey B

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