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April Yoga Ideas: Eagle Pose

Updated: Apr 14

Eagle Pose

Yoga April Thoughts:

Inspiration this month I take from the birds in spring. Because there is so much activity and new things occurring, sometimes it can feel overwhelming or anxiety producing. Fly, let go of uncertainty and go after what you want. Let the wings of your heart expand. Live in the enjoyment and spirit of the thing you love.  Crow pose, eagle pose, compass pose, Bird of Paradise can all be peak poses to work on in your practice, class or flow.

Mantra: May I be at peace, may I trust the process. Om Shanti chant. 

Breathing Techniques: 

Alternate nostril breathing can be great for grounding you and helping calm your mind and thoughts. 

Essential Oils: 

If you have allergies, try peppermint or eucalyptus oil in a diffuser to help your sinuses. Peppermint reduces inflammation of the mouth and throat and sinus infections. Eucalyptus helps clear a stuffy nose. I recently discovered chewing peppermint gum, then drinking cold water will clear you out real quick if you don't have oils. : ) 

Watch my 30 minute Eagle Flow on YouTube

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