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Sleep Deprived? Try this Brain Booster


Creatine for increase cognition & sleep deprivation.

Coffee seems like the best answer when you don't get enough sleep, but usually too much isn't great.

A new study found that a single dose of creation can keep your brain functioning at a high level even when you're sleep deprived.

In the study people were forced to stay awake and get not enough sleep for two nights and then perform cognitive tasks. Those who took the placebo tanked.

However, those who took creatine improved cognitive performance and experienced less fatigue. It also helped higher levels of brain energy even with the sleep deprivation.

The study is significant not just on the impact of creatine but on the immediate results. Most studies have shown benefits after a month of use, but this study showed benefits in just two nights!

According to research, they suggest 3-5 grams of daily use for muscular benefits, whereas other prior research suggests 10 grams daily. In this particular study, participants took 20 grams per night to offset the sleep deprivation. This is considered safe for short term however, long term use at that level could cause GI issues.

Here is to helping us get through the days when we need all the help we can get.

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