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7 Menopause Nutrition Tips

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Peri/Menopause

1. Eating Enough Protein

Protein helps us feel satisfied it also helps with building muscle, and repair from exercise. The more muscle the stronger your bones. The stronger your bones the more you can fight osteoporosis. Genetics are a factor so this is not a be all end all but strength training can help mitigate losses as we age. Here is a guide for how much you can aim to eat.

1.2 -2 kg of weight of protein. Multiple your weight in Kilograms by 1.2-2 for the average. Here is a quick guide. You can find a conversion calculator in the App Store if you have a smart phone. I like "Units Plus".

50 KG = 110 lb (60 - 100 grams of protein)

60 kg = 132 lb (72 - 120 grams of protein)

70 kg = 154 lb (84 - 140 grams of protein )

80kg = 176 lb ( 96 - 160 grams of protein)

Palm size at each meal is about 30-40 g as a quick reference if you don't want to calculate.

2. Veggies and fruit help with Fiber &Water

Fiber and water help alleviate bloat and increases water intake so you feel satisfied and full which means less snacking. Try drinking a glass or two before you eat. This will also help hydration and feeling full.

½ fist at 2 meals for fiber

3. Beverages should be water

Hourly reminder to help. 1 glass upon waking and going to bed. Place glass at the bathroom sink. Drink 16 oz before meal to help you feel full. Drinking water during meal can slow digestion because it inhibits acid in the stomach to break down food.

4. Alcohol increases hot flashes

Alcohol increases hot flashes and messes with sleep and recovery from exercise. So keep that in mind when you drink and how often.

5. Limit Caffeine

Did you know caffeine can Increases breast tenderness and insomnia? Stop 8 hours before bed having caffeine. You will sleep better and recover better the next day.

6. Soda/Juice Eliminate

Consuming soda & juice regularly increases blood sugar. This produces energy crashes and sleep issues. This can lead people to think that they need more of it which is a bad cycle. Plus its a bunch of empty calories especially soda. Try eating fruit instead so you get the benefits of the fiber.

7. Eat slowly

Chew food until it is thoroughly mush in your mouth. There should be no solid pieces. Place your fork down between bites to slow down. This helps with digestion and bloat and gives your body time to tell when it is truly full and can help over eating.

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