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New Babies and Newborn Photos

We are Super excited that so many people and our first round of MOD Mama ladies had successful deliveries. Plus they scheduled NEW BORN family Photos with Gregory!

Check out the photos and what they said about MOD Mama and Gregory’s photo shoot experience.

Colleen Clancy: “Sierra is here! Thanks so much for all your help in prepping me for pushing out a 10 pound baby!”

Emily Passmore: “Kerr James Passmore came rocketing (literally) in to the world Tuesday night at a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces. I had to be induced but when he was ready to come he came fast. I only pushed for three contractions. Jessa, I was doing elevators get through contractions. It was really helpful.”

Hadley Van Vactor: “The twin babies are still in the NICU but they are doing great and should be home in the next few days. I am feeling really good too — my recovery has honestly been pretty easy so far, which I think is in part to your help staying in shape during pregnancy! So thank you! I'm looking forward to some mamalates once I get the ok from my doctor.”

Email us for availability to schedule sessions at

Contact Gregory Bartning for your next family photoshoot at

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