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6 Benefits of Exercising with Your Baby

Being a new mom can be extremely rewarding but also very stressful. You want to lose your pregnancy weight but juggling a new baby and a busy schedule leaves little room for exercise. What’s the solution? Exercise with your baby! Rather than trying to “fit” (no pun intended!) a workout into your routine and deal with the guilt of leaving baby in someone else’s care, incorporate her into your exercise regimen.

1. Get Back into Shape! We all know how beneficial it is to exercise. But when you have a new baby, exercise can be doubly important. Getting back into a workout regimen will not only help you lose excess weight, but you’ll re-establish your routine, keep up your energy, and rebuild those core muscles.

2. Reduce Stress Physical activity after you’ve had your baby reduces post partum depression, helps you both sleep better, and keeps you mentally alert and positive. You’ll be better prepared to deal with those sleepless nights!

3. Bond with Your Baby Spending time interacting with each other during exercise will solidify your emotional bond. Interacting one on one with your baby and gazing into each other’s eyes builds enjoyment and happiness between you. It also strengthens your emotional connection. She’ll learn about human interaction as well as build self-awareness and confidence.

4. Benefits for Your Baby Interacting with you on the workout mat has multiple benefits for your baby. With your full attention on him, he’ll likely have a calmer disposition. He’ll develop his physical and motor abilities as well as his cognitive skills. Exercise also promotes a healthy appetite as well as good digestion.

5. Build Healthy Habits Staying fit and healthy helps you better care for yourself and your family. And by introducing exercise and fitness early, you’re promoting a lifelong path of health and fitness for your child as well.

6. Community Joining an exercise class with your baby gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with other new moms and babies. It’s also a safe environment where your baby can be a baby. It’s understood in most mom and baby classes that babies may be fussy, noisy, need to be fed during class, or need a diaper change. Those occurrences are expected and supported while many public venues might offer more of a challenge.


Start Slow After giving birth you can start pelvic floor exercises and gentle abdominal exercises. You can also do some light walking with your baby in a pack or stroller. Begin with gentle exercises that build your core and stability, this will prepare you for more intense exercise and prevent injury.

Safety First Before beginning any workout regimen with your baby, get her cleared for exercise. Most doctors recommend babies begin exercise after their six week check up to make sure their head is stable. Consult with your doctor before either of you begin an exercise regimen.

When You’re Ready, Come to Mod Physique’s Mamalates Class! The Mamalates method is an OB/GYN endorsed perinatal restorative, Pilates-based exercise method. We focus on alignment, stability, and safely reclaiming your core all while working out with baby! Read more about Mamalates here. We look forward to seeing you in class!

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