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Member Highlight — Chris Casebeer

New mom of two gets her body back!

We interviewed Chris Casebeer this last month after she told us she fit into a bikini after 4 years, and her husband noticed the change as well. So we thought we might dig a little deeper to see what her routine is and how Mod Physique fits into her weekly schedule. Plus, we found out a little secret of hers, that we actually had to look up the term because we didn't know what it was. Look to question 8 for that one 😜

From Chris herself: “I had not worn a bikini since the birth of my second child. I found it so much harder to get back into shape the second time around! I only felt comfortable in one piece suits or tankinis to cover my stomach. Zumba coupled with stomach crunches was just not enough. Mod Physique changed things for me physically and mentally. I finally felt more fit and stronger which gave me the confidence to wear a bikini again!”


1. How long have you been a member of Mod Physique?

I have been a member since September 2015

2. What class is your favorite and why?

I find the barre class to be challenging, fast paced yet fun! I like the quick repetitive arm movements with the weights that absolutely exhausts me in a good way. I know I worked hard.

3. What is your favorite move?

Pretzel. I have never done that before or heard of it until coming to Mod Physique. I think it's difficult but it works!

4. What do you do outside of class/work/workout?

I chase my four and six year olds around, literally.

5. What is your workout regime?

I try and get a minimum of four classes in at Mod Physique and I do Zumba on the other days. It makes for a nice combination. I really love my workout routine, I look forward to it.

6. What changes if any, have you noticed since possibly changing your workout routine? What classes at mod have helped and why?

I used to do just cardio classes four days a week but I didn't feel strong nor were my arms toned. I wanted a flatter stomach. I wanted to feel confident wearing a bathing suit. Since joining Mod Physique, I feel stronger, my body feels more fit and that has boosted my confidence. Mod Physique has changed my life because I feel and see the results.

7. Has this changed any aspects outside of class in your daily life?

Mod Physique has enabled me to test my strength and stamina. I formed a team of women to run in the most recent Starlight Run. I had stopped running after I had my first child. Participating in this run showed me what I can do and what more I can accomplish if I stay healthy, strong and stay positive.

8. Tell us 3 things people may not know about you. 😉

1. I love 80’s music and and appreciate the horrible fashion of my youth.

2. I enjoy ridiculously spicy foods and have a fridge filled with different kinds of hot sauces.

3. I am a Twi-hard. So embarrassing but true. (Twi-hard: A die hard fan of the Twilight series)

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