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modphysique postnatal workouts with baby in Portland,  Camas, Online

  Your Pre & Postnatal

Expert Trainer

Jessa is an expert who knows (scientifically) what your mothering body is capable of.


Training that prepares you for the demands of pregnancy, labor and motherhood postpartum.


Helping women individually is not a one fits all program. This way I ensure you're getting the best results with the safest workouts.

prenatal pilates class Portland
Meet Jessa

We created our 1-on-1 personal training virtual sessions

to offer the same connection and tailored workouts

with the convenience of an at-home fitness program.

Meet the Owner

Personal Trainer for Mod physique



I've been a fitness trainer since 2011. 

I'm an entrepreneur, dancer, dog mom, wife to an artist, fitness junky, and anatomy nerd. I ran a fitness studio for 7 years with 5 star ratings. A car accident and pandemic shifted my business to online and in person...


Personal Trainers Portland Mod Physique

" Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy."

–Bella Blue

modphysique yoga for flexibility, well being, stress relief


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modphysique prenatal and postnatal private training with your baby

Specializing in healing diastasis, pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, and staying strong through pregnancy and postpartum 

mod physique personal postpartum training. Postnatal core training online, Portland, Camas Washington

 Online/Virtual Strength Training is an efficient and effective method for building strength. Take it with you on the go, at home, or at the gym. 

modphysique offers corporate yoga for wellness and can create an individualized session for flexibility

Years of experience teaching corporate yoga & meditation

has benefits for better health and well being among staff. 

modphysique pilates sessions in portland, online, camas

Clients include teenagers up to seniors.


I've been practicing Pilates since High School and teaching it since 2007.

I've helped people with Parkinson's, Osteoporosis, MS, back and pelvic pain, knee replacements, shoulder rehab, hyper mobility, foot and ankle issues, pre & postpartum and in physical therapy clinics.   


Jessa is a phenomenal trainer! She is an expert in her field. Jessa is very committed to her craft. She knows the human body. She keeps it fresh and fun by changing up the routine each session so it keeps it challenging as well.  She is an exceptional instructor and I highly recommend her. After 4 sessions with Jessa my friends were asking me what I was doing to look so good.  So I stepped it up to an additional session each week.  Now I am stronger in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s and more defined.

Suzanne Borushok

Fit Mom Client 

An update after working with Jessa for 11 months: I could not be more grateful for Jessa’s Pilates classes. Before starting my classes I could hardly do my daily activities due to lower back pain. Now I feel much stronger and more confident in taking care of my kids (6months and 2,5 years). After the second pregnancy my recovery was much faster thanks to Jessa’s classes. I enjoy working with Jessa and she is very knowledgeable in woman health. I hope I will keep with my weekly classes for as long as possible. I can highly recommend Jessa to everyone who had their babies recently.

Ekatarina Filatova

Pre & Postnatal Client

I started working with Jessa when I was 6 weeks postpartum for help with diastasis recti. After five personal appointments (one every other week, and for which I was able to bring my newborn along) we had corrected it -- Faster than I thought possible! It took commitment to do the exercises at home every day but it was easy and effective because Jessa's coaching was specific and direct and personalized. I got a lot of value out of having her to check in with regularly to adjust my form and gradually keep challenging me.

Lindsay M.

Postnatal Client

I've taken classes and personal training sessions with Jessa. She has incredible expertise and gives really helpful instructions and feedback so that I'm doing the exercises correctly--not just so I don't injure myself, but so I get the most out of them. I feel stronger after every workout!

Lauren B.

Injury Rehab Client

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