Postpartum Support 

Diastasis, Incontinence & Prolapse are just some of the symptoms after birth 

You are not alone


Men, athletes, and kids can have incontinence issues.

Crossfit/bodybuilders can get Diastasis from improper loading of their core.

Dance and Gymnasts can have bladder incontinence from overuse issues.


It's more common than you thought.

up to 50% of elders have prolapse issues

and about 50% of women have incontinence.


because it's embarrassing.

So instead of seeking help or knowing it can be treatable,

people are silently suffering.

Those days are fading.

More research is being published that exercise can treat these symptoms and even improve surgeries. 

Did you know 60% of surgeries Fail?

And another 30% of people opt for a second surgery? 

Simple exercise techniques solves symptoms completely or improves results.

And it's the first step so may not need surgery in the first place.


I'm a corrective postpartum specialist.


That means I figure out

where your weaknesses

and imbalances are in your body

that are contributing to your symptoms

and get your body back to 






I'm part of an ongoing group with physical therapists, orthopaedic therapists and pelvic floor PTs. Continually learning and adding insight into improvements.

We are seeing amazing results by applying the right exercise, at the right moment.

Simple! It just takes persistence. 

In a matter of weeks to a few months, you could be saying goodbye to that dome in your stomach, wearing pads or diapers, having that heavy feeling in your pelvic floor, or the lags in your strength conditioning.


How nice would that be?

NO More - running to the restroom every 10 minutes before you leave the house.

NO More  - pain in your back picking up your kids.

NO More -  embarrassing "I gotta go change my pants" moments. 

NO More - wearing bulky pants to hide your diapers.

NO More - wearing baggy shirts to hide your bulging stomach or 

uncomfortable high waisted pants to cover it up.

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