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Prenatal, Postpartum, Infant...She does it all!


Andrea Thompson, LMT, has been a licensed and practicing massage therapist in the state of Oregon since 1999. She started teaching women how to chart their menstrual cycles on an individual basis in 2011, in conjunction with Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage ®. Since that time, she has begun to offer group classes for Menstrual Charting, as well as Understanding Your Moon Cycle and Yoni Magic classes. Her passion is utilizing modalities, such as Craniosacral Therapy and Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy ®, which bring a deep sense of awareness to the body while tapping into its inherent healing capabilities. Although she enjoys working with all ages and genders, her main focus is working with female-bodied people to assist them in the process of attaining healthy menses and conception, as well as aiding them through the physical changes of pregnancy.

Andrea has always felt that pregnancy is the strongest and sweetest time in a woman's life. It is an amazing experience to watch someone move through the various stages of their pregnancy and see how their body changes to support the child growing within them. Although every momma experiences each pregnancy differently, most find that massage is a helpful physical and emotional aid in prenatal care.

Pregnancy Massage is a specialized treatment for expectant mothers. It is especially helpful in dealing with pain, tension, edema and decreased circulation resulting from the body shifting in various ways during each phase of pregnancy. Body pillows are incorporated to help with side-lying positions as mommas move into their 2nd and 3rd trimesters and can no longer lie on their bellies or backs. In each session, Andrea gives extra attention to the hips and low back to help support the stretching ligaments and tissues in those regions. If you are expecting and looking for another facet of self-care, then Andrea is a great resource to reach out to.

For more information about the work she does, please check out http://ajafamilyhealth.com/who-we-are/andrea-thompson-lmt/

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