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January Resolutions

Save BIG in this January!

And now we have made it easier than ever to keep up your fitness regime for 2017!

Psst! Pass the word on! "mod20" to get 20% OFF our 5 (was $85 now $68) & 10 (was $160 now $128) class packs.

Click here to Purchase!


Stay committed in 2017 by being a mod member.

Unlimited classes starting at $99 a month.

Sign yourself and a friend up and get

1 month free for a 6 month membership.

Click here to Purchase!


Mod Bootcamp! Get in quick shape in time for Spring Break!

30 minute Tabata Cardio Interval Sessions 3x a week.

Email if you are interested in scheduling your own personal bootcamp for you or your colleagues at:


– Includes access to 30 days of online videos

– 14 day meal plan

– Daily 6-minute videos to keep you moving

– Tips to stay healthy each week


NOW Offering Functional Movement Systems

Free Screenings when you join!

Functional Movement Systems help discover mobility and stability issues that might be holding you back in your training.

Physical Therapists use it, now we do too!


Prenatal & Postnatal

Drop in now $18 4 series for $16/class

Click here to Purchase!

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