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How to redeem your Gift Card

Congratulations on receiving such a nice gift! 

Once a friend has given you the gift care you will need to take note of the gift card number in order to use it at checkout. 

Step 1. Create an account or Log In (top right button on our website)

Step 2. Go to Retail Screen

Step 3. Select the Service you'd like to purchase. (Mod Physique, Prenatal or Postnatal, Or Private Appointments) 

Step 4. Select Item (5 pack 10 pack etc.) 

Step 5. Add Item

Step 6. Pick the "Prepaid Gift Card" button as your payment method and write the gift card number in the box "Gift Card ID" 

 If you have any remaining dollar amount left, you will also need to select how you will pay for the remaining balance. (pick cc on file if you already have that saved)

Step 7. Pay

Here is a screenshot of the retail screen. See Prepaid Gift Card on the bottom Left. 

Redeeming GiftCard Screen.png
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