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newborn babies


Build mind-body awareness through

breath & alignment





























Step 1: Prenatal Privates

*an OBGYN Approved Program


Prepare for being a mom with a little one requires repetitive lifting and carrying.

Train for those movement prior can help you feel stronger when the time comes postpartum. 

Step 2: Postpartum Privates

This is ideal for those that have Diastasis, C-section, Pelvic Floor Discomfort or general core/pelvic floor weakness. 

Learn how we can help with pelvic floor and Postpartum core issues here.


Step 3: Return to Schedule


Return back to your normal activity of choice. We can help you safely get back to what you were doing prior to pregnancy.



mom working out with baby

I started working with Jessa when I was 6 weeks postpartum for help with diastasis recti. After five personal appointments (one every other week, and for which I was able to bring my newborn along) we had corrected it -- Faster than I thought possible! It took commitment to do the exercises at home every day but it was easy and effective because Jessa's coaching was specific and direct and personalized. I got a lot of value out of having her to check in with regularly to adjust my form and gradually keep challenging me.​

Lindsey B

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