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MOD - Mama
Prenatal class for privates only

This 1-hour prenatal class strengthens you for holding your baby, safely prepares you to perform core work for the push and quicker recovery, stabilize your hips by working the right muscles, and gently be guided into soft stretches where it feels good. MOD Mama classes address alignment and postural changes that occur during and after pregnancy. The training will guide you through a repertoire of movement and better body awareness each week. 



MOD - Pilates
* Available for corporate group classes or private sessions.

Pilates Mat class utilizing small props such as Thera-Bands, mini-ball, pilates circle and foam rollers.


Pilates Mat work is great to strengthen the core, back, and pelvis, improving flexibility and balance, refining your movement yet gentle enough for people with injuries. A true Mind-Body experience in quality of movement. 

Appropriate for ALL levels.

*Available for corporate group classes or private sessions.

Yoga helps recenter us. It helps calm the noise in our heads and get us back on track to what is truly important. Find your length, flexibility, meditation and a mix of power depending on the class. 

Private sessions include chakra reading and intake for individuals.




Planks for core work
HIIT core plank
MOD - Physique
*for privates online 
at this time

Interval fusion class of cardio, barre and pilates core will give you a full body workout that will help build strength, better movement patterns, core power, and boost your metabolism.

This class will help improve your overall performance no matter if you are a runner, yogi, rock climber, biker, or dancer.