Private Training

FMS (Functional Movement Systems) Privates

Get your own personal fitness assessment to find out any imbalances you have in your body. Graded on 7 -9 simple tests to evaluate your mobility and stability. Find out what exercises can help you come back into functional movement to progress your overall fitness goals. Great if you have old injuries that are holding you back or if you feel limitations in your range of motion.
 8 Week Plan – Personalized Transformation Tabata HIIT Training

30 minute sessions based on the science of high intensity interval training. Increase metabolism, stamina, strength, energy. Get results in only 8 weeks of training.

-Start with a 1 hour Private consultation and fitness evaluation with your FMS Score.

*The consultation will include a suggested class attendance schedule and if you are interested in private training you will receive 10% off a Private Training Package.

-Receive 14 day meal plan,  personalized workouts that target either upper body, core, or lower body. Get your measurements at the beginning, 4 week, and 8 week marks. Access to 8 weeks of streaming videos and homework assignments to keep you on track toward your goals. Access to unlimited group classes.

Postnatal Private Training

We do private training to help with pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, C-Section recovery and Diastasis. We will help you reclaim your core. These sessions can be done either at our studio or at your house depending the distance for an additional travel fee. This is a great option if you don’t have childcare help. Mamalates DVD included in the private as well as a Thera-band. 10% discount on studio equipment such as pinky balls, foam rollers and body wraps.

General Private Training

We book prenatal, postnatal, pilates, and mod physique one-on-one training. This is a great option if you need special attention, are not sure about diving into group classes yet, or we don’t have a class time that fits your needs. We are happy to see you. Have a workout buddy? We also do semi-private training which lessens the cost and keeps you accountable.


I have had chronic pain for over seven years and with a new baby things only got worse. Jessa’s mixture of aerobic activity with her knowledge of he human body was a perfect mixture. She took time to figure out my issues and created a strengthening program that worked for me. She was more thorough and knowledgeable than most of the physical therapists I saw – and she started to get me in great physical shape!”

Ami Molinelli

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