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Strengthen your Mommy Muscles –

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” 


Photographer: Gregory Bartning

 “Sierra is here! Thanks so much for all your help in prepping me for pushing out a 10 pound baby! “ – Colleen Clancy

Prenatal Guide 

Step 1. 1st Trimester  – Keep in shape with current workout regime or our classes, be sure to mention you are pregnant to the instructor before class so they can give modifications if needed.

Step 2. 2nd Trimester/3rd Trimester – Mod~Mama focus on exercises you need to prepare for delivery as well as strengthening postural muscles for holding baby, safe core and pelvic floor work, proper breathing and more. Check out our Prenatal Tab to learn more.

“The twin babies are still in the NICU but they are doing great and should be home in the next few days. I am feeling really good too – my recovery has honestly been pretty easy so far, which I think is in part to your help staying in shape during pregnancy! 

-Hadley Van Vactor

Postpartum Guide

Step 1. Privates are strongly encouraged as a starting point as each birth is completely unique to each individual and recovery is very personal.

Step 2. Mamalates – Mom and Baby classes. When you’re ready to get back in your body but still are bonding with baby. This is appropriate from 6 weeks, with Doctor’s approval, up to when babies start to crawl.

Step 3. Mod- Mama – combines pre/postnatal ladies who are ready for more of a workout, no baby, but still are protecting/strengthening/healing. This is ideal for those that still have Diastasis as you can focus on the workout of safely engaging your core without the weight of your baby.

Step 4. Return to Mod-Barre, Mod-Physique, or Mod Pilates Mat classes.

Photography: Gregory Bartning

“Kerr James Passmore came rocketing (literally) in to the world Tuesday night at a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces. I had to be induced but when he was ready to come he came fast.  I only pushed for three contractions.  Jessa, I was doing elevators get through contractions. It was really helpful.”

Emily Passmore


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    What is the “Mod-Mama prenatal series?” I was looking at pricing and trying to figure out what that entailed.