About mod-physique


Mod Physique Studio includes ballet, cardio and pilates inspired workout to help sculpt your longer leaner you! Our classes allow you to grow, giving you multiple options for your strength and energy.

We have classes for pre and postnatal women, personal training, private training and small group classes. Our collection of teachers can help you rehab from pain, find your stability and mobility through functional movement, and/or kick your butts to fit in your wedding dress or swimsuit for that upcoming vacation.

Our Mission:

Our intentions are happy, thought provoking, life inspiring, self-improving, creative, fun, healthy, and all inclusive.

To have an unintimidating non-judgmental place where people can focus on discovering the mind/body control of their bodies from our workouts. The ultimate mastering of this mind/body control will leave participants with a new found confidence to move intentionally through everyday life. We help support and strengthen bodies in a more well rounded way for life activities all with a little bit of humor. 

In order to seek to better our bodies we have to better our minds, love our selves, improve our self-image, and commit to actions that follow our dreams. To be able to seek help when we are in pain, find ways to release stress, be humbled, find community, and be able to laugh.

How it all began

Mod Physique was originally created while Jessa was living in San Francisco as a way to cross train her clients who where seeing results from her cardio classes, but wanted to sculpt their bodies. They pushed for her to create something unique for them and thus mod physique was born.

Jessa has a strong passion for dance and wanted to provide a space to share that passion for movement while cross training movers and non dancers to have a balanced physique. By changing routines, clients avoid boredom as well as injury. The routines are designed to modify movements to your unique body and grow with you while you get stronger. Included in these routines are the unique set of exercises pulling from pilates, barre, cardio and weight training to give you a balanced physique. The combining private training and group classes allows clients to have that individual journey to a healthier you.

Come Join us!

“I love everything. Meeting clients needs, awareness, it’s fun, energetic, the positive energy is all wonderful.”

-Nancy Franco//Listen 360 10/10 Rating May 13,2014

“When I first started Mod, I had very little strength in both my upper arms and core.  After just 10 days of classes, I saw noticeable results in terms of strength capabilities and also the feel & look of the muscles in both areas.” – Cynthia Hofer

“It is such a fun and effective workout. The music and routines change weekly so it is always new and doesn’t get boring. Jessa is so good about making sure our form is correct so each move targets and completely works the muscle group. And, finally, Jessa and Gregory are so welcoming and supportive. I love this studio!”

-Becky Free