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January Resolutions

Multiple ways to stay fit this January and keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions. Find out how Mod Physique is making it easier for your overall health with these promotions and bootcamps.

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3 Lifestyle Changes that Help Treat Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases are often treated with drugs that suppress the immune system. But treating symptoms without getting to the root of the cause doesn’t solve the problem. Here are some lifestyle changes that help treat the whole person, getting to the cause of autoimmune disease rather than just the symptoms.

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Member Highlight – Chris Casebeer

New mom of two get’s her body back! We interviewed Chris Casebeer this last month after she told us she fit into a bikini after 4 years, and her husband noticed the change as well. So we thought we might

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New Babies and Newborn Photos

We are Super excited that so many people and our first round of Mod~Mama ladies had successful deliveries. Plus they scheduled NEW BORN family Photos with Gregory! Check out the photos and what they said about Mod~Mama and Gregory’s photo shoot experience. Colleen

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Schedule at the Alberta Abbey

Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce our new schedule at the Abbey. Know that we thought hard and had to manage with the Abbey’s schedule of availability as well. We are happy we have two times during the week we

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Mod Physique Memorial Savings and Mod’s MOVE!

We don’t normally share the newsletter to the blog but this is such a big one we want everyone to know about it. ——————— Memorial Weekend is fast approaching. With Memorials are reasons to recognize the past and celebrate for

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Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Weight

Talking to your child about her weight can be one of the more difficult conversations you have with her. how can you do these things when “weight” is such a touchy subject for both adults and children? Here are a few tips that will help facilitate the conversation.

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6 Benefits of Exercising with Your Baby

Being a new mom can be extremely rewarding but also very stressful. You want to lose your pregnancy weight but juggling a new baby and a busy schedule leaves little room for exercise. What’s the solution? Exercise with your baby! Rather than trying to “fit” (no pun intended!) a workout into your routine and deal with the guilt of leaving baby in someone else’s care, incorporate her into your exercise regimen.

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The Wear and Tear of Parenting: Safe Lifting Techniques for Parents

Most people probably don’t associate parenting with injury. When we think of the word “injury” we usually associate it with sports or some sort of reckless activity, parenting might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact

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Bring your Love to Partner Yoga

In our fast paced society it’s rare we ever connect with another person much less our significant other. You get home after a crazy busy day and after getting the kids and pets sorted out and fed you barely have

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