Schedule at the Alberta Abbey

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce our new schedule at the Abbey. Know that we thought hard and had to manage with the Abbey’s schedule of availability as well. We are happy we have two times during the week we can host the class for evening, which is all we have open. Super excited to have more of the mod-barre classes since our feedback has been that is a lot of people’s new favorite class.

We want to hear from you as far as times that you can make it to class and what you want on the schedule.

Please leave comments below on the DAY / TIME/ CLASS TYPE. Depending on who comments will determine what changes we make, as well as times at the space that are open. So make your voice heard and then be sure to follow through with your attendance to keep it going.


Class Schedule at the Abbey
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday                 
7am  open  open   open   open   open
8am open  open  open   open   open
9am barre(BR) mod -45(BR) barre(BR)  open physique(BR)
10am   open physique(BR)   open barre(BR) Cut off for availability
11am  open open 11:15 mamalates(AX)  n/a
12pm barre(BR) barre(BR)  n/a
1pm  n/a
5:45 barre(BR) Mod mama(AX) 1x/month Mod mama  (AX)  3x/ month barre(BR)  n/a
6pm Annex open til 7  not open Not open Annex open til 7  n/a
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  • Kristi Lee

    I might be able to make it to the 5:45 classes on the bus in time- I do need to try a barre class, though (to my mind!) my legs are already pretty strong. 😉 My challenge is that after being one of the first 5 early adopters at Mod Physique, my current work schedule makes all but 2 classes impossible to attend with this new schedule until/unless there are weekend classes. I will do my best to continue supporting you, though! <3