New Babies and Newborn Photos

We are Super excited that so many people and our first round of Mod~Mama ladies had successful deliveries. Plus they scheduled NEW BORN family Photos with Gregory!
Check out the photos and what they said about Mod~Mama and Gregory’s photo shoot experience.
Colleen Clancy: “Sierra is here! Thanks so much for all your help in prepping me for pushing out a 10 pound baby! “
Emily Passmore: “Kerr James Passmore came rocketing (literally) in to the world Tuesday night at a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces. I had to be induced but when he was ready to come he came fast.  I only pushed for three contractions.  Jessa, I was doing elevators get through contractions. It was really helpful.”
Hadley Van Vactor: “The twin babies are still in the NICU but they are doing great and should be home in the next few days. I am feeling really good too – my recovery has honestly been pretty easy so far, which I think is in part to your help staying in shape during pregnancy! So thank you! I’m looking forward to some mamalates once I get the ok from my doctor.”
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