MOD Physique 20 Day Weak Spot Challenge

March Is Wellness Month
Take our 20 day challenge
What area is your weak spot that you want to achieve? Maybe it’s not being strong in push ups, or doing 20 burpees without fail, or maybe it’s getting your leg up to 90 degrees but your hamstrings are tight.  We encourage you to take the Mod Physique Challenge
20 days of practicing your weak spot and making it strong.
Post a photo of you day 1 – Day 20 on Instagram/Facebook with #mod20 and @modphysique so that we can track your progress and keep encouraging you!
(Example: Excited to start my #mod20 challenge today. Thanks @modphysique for getting my spring in my step.)

In order

to qualify you have to post 14 or more times.

Starts March 8th
Ends March 28th
5 best will be voted on Facebook Page
You get to vote. So LIKE the Page

and send it to your friends.
Winner will be announced on National “I’m in Control day” on March 30th. We will announce the winner on Facebook! Mark your calendar!
The best improved before and after from day 1 -20 will Win a week of classes and your choice of Foam Roller, Theraband set or mini ball.
Read more about what is happening on our Newsletter!
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