Month: March 2014

Dinner on a Dime

Being frugal is a not the same as being cheap! I am going to share with you some money saving and time saving tips for dinners at home. Organization is key. It may take a little extra time one day

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Spring Detox: Asparagus Soup

    Spring is a great time to cleans the body after all the wintery treats and heavy dishes. Now that veggies are starting to grow again like asparagus, you can use them in a soup to help jump start

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How much exercise you should be doing?

Some of us aren’t sure about how much exercise is enough to see results in our health. So we are posting the Surgeon General and NCCPT (National Council of Certified Professional Trainers) to give you a better idea of what

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How Much Protein is Too Much

Some people have been asking me how much protein they need to consume for an adequate level to maintain muscle mass. An Idea Health and Fitness article was recently written. It is recommended by the Institute of Medicine to get

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Eat It Only If You Know It

By: DR. Alex Nedvetsky If you want to stay healthy and lean, know the food you eat. But how can you know your food? Nutrition labels, of course. They are intentionally designed to give valuable concise information about food. Understanding

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