Month: January 2014

Caveman Way No More!

¬† by Alex Nedvetsky   Healthy eating is a sine qua non subject, especially among the health and fitness buffs. But what is healthy eating? When asked, we eulogize natural foods, organic foods, with prevalence of vegetables, grains, and fruits.

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Expectations and Peace of Mind

How do we set reasonable expectation for ourselves? The spectrum goes from “have no expectations and you will never be disappointed” to “aim high” or “you have nothing to lose.” For me, wellness means peace of mind and my expectations

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ROS and Exercise

ROS and Exercise Р written by Dr. Nedvetsky Physical exercising is good for your health. We all know that it strengthens muscles, ligaments, bones, and increases brain plasticity by facilitating the growth of new neuronal connections. What if I tell

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